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O.M.A.T. Officina Meccanica Articoli Tecnici

Company Profile

O.M.A.T.Our company, founded in 1966, is situated in the Northern Italy, a few km from Cremona. It is operating in the metal-working sector, and is specializing in production of hacksaw frames in different forms and sizes for metal cutting and wood cutting. Thanks to its high-technology equipment it is producing millions of pieces annually. Among our clients are the world's leading tools manufacturers. In addition to the high quality of our products that are made from first-class materials and meet environmental standards, we offer our clients guarantees and expertise.



Officina Meccanica Articoli Tecnici di Milani Giuseppe & C s.n.c.
Via Giuseppina, 2A 26040 Cella Dati (CR) Italia
Tel. (+39) 0372/67892 - 67127 Fax. (+39) 0372/67886
E-mail: info@omat.it - PEC: omat@casellapec.info - REA CR80050 - P.IVA 00050740190

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